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Electronic manufacturing

Electronic Manufacturing

We provide electronic manufacturing service which includes all steps from logistic in purchasing components to after sales services. Our manufacturing equipment is organized that we can offer quality and cost competitive service for micro small and medium volume production. Thanks to our modern technology and equipment we are able to manufacture modern custom made devices according to provided technical documentation from our customers. We are equipped with modern SMT pick and place machine which is capable to use different SMD components, e.g. 0201, SOIC, PLCC, BGA, µBGA, CSP, QFP, up to fine-pitch 0.5mm.      

According to particular needs we can provide full or partial service which is necessary for electronic manufacturing:

      • components and material logistic
      • CNC customizing of plastic and Alu enclosures
      • milling and drilling custom made plastic parts
      • SMT pick and place assembly
      • washing of assembled modules
      • THT assembly
      • visual inspection of assembled modules
      • firmware uploading
      • functional testing
      • assembling of a complete device
      • packing assembled device in ESD bags
      • product packing 

In our production we use wide range of measuring equipment and other fully automatic machines, e.g. automated wire processing machines, which make as able to offer quality and very cost competitive service. We are company which never let down our customers. Years of experience and many successfully finished projects give as the right that we are the best decision for electronic manufacturing tasks.

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Component purchase

We use only new, original and unused components in the production. Only trusted suppliers are acceptable. Our experience shows us that the lowest price of the components sometimes is not so good solution. When we are talking about components and materials the most important goal is the quality for affordable price.

Quality control

Our full automated stencil printer is equipped with 2D visual inspection options which care of perfect solder paste dispensing. Our Pick and place machine is also equipped with visual inspection option which is used by operator who can manually check the printing accuracy of solder paste, quality of the soldering, accuracy of component placement, etc…

Careful handling

For regular customers we provide free of charge component storage. All components are in optimal conditions according to humidity and temperature conditions. We always deliver assembled modules in sealed ESD protective bags.

CNC machining

In our production facility we use 4-Axis CNC milling and drilling machine. It is very useful for customization of plastics and Alu general purpose enclosures, front panels and for milling small quantity of custom made plastics parts. Also we have CNC wire cutting and striping machine for perfectly wire cutting and stripping tasks.

THT assembly

Assembly of THT components can be time consuming job. We can provide manual THT assembly service for prototypes, small and medium volume  production. We use fully manual assembling and manual soldering equipment. During soldering we take care of ESD protection and quality of soldering joints.    

SMT assembly

We use full automated pick and place machine with visual alignment system. Our machine is equipped with precise Martin dispenser which can be used for dispensing glue or solder paste. For micro volume production it can be used for solder paste dispensing and reducing the cost of ordering stencil for solder paste application.    

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We know How for more than 10 years. We make your ideas possible and provide electronic manufacturing service affordable for micro, small and medium volume production.