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EMoRo educational robots


          In levels one to three EMoRo robots are not autonomous, they execute commands from program which runs on personal computer. Bascom-AVR allows making simple programs which will be executed directly on microcontroller unit of EMoRo robot. This type of programming is not so difficult but users need to accept some electronics knowledge. Programming EMoRo robots in Bascom-AVR assume that user will learn to read schematics which are part of "Educational mobile robot" book included in EMoRo sets. Bascom-AVR compiler included in EMoRo sets is free demo version which is limited to 4kB of code. This is enough for all included examples and simple use of EMoRo robots. Full version of Bascom-AVR has to be used for making more complex programs which are larger than 4kB and it can be purchased from Inovatic ICT or from MCS electronics. More information about Bascom-AVR is available on official website    

Here is the snapshot of simple program which drives EMoRo robot 3 seconds forward and 3 seconds backward in endless loop:


All EMoRo sets support all five levels of learning. Overview of all supported levels is available on this link

1ST Playing

Controlling EMoRo robot with EMoRo RC windows application is easy. It develop fine motor skills and interaction with a computer. The first contact with EMoRo robot is through simple "games". One of the most interesting is Robotics Alka and Prstenac which inspiration we found in our history. Those plays are easy and interesting, EMoRo robot aims with a lance to a target. In this level of learning there is no any kind of programming.
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2ND FlowDraw

FlowDraw is first contact with the programming. Crating program with a FlowDraw is simple as a drawing flowchart diagram. FlowDraw supports all necessary blocks which user needs to learn as a introduction in line programming. FlowDraw is not only for users who want to learn programming but can be also used for building logical skill and systematic thinking. 
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3RD FreeBasic

FreeBasic is easy to use BASIC compiler and it is used in combination with FBide editor. This combination help users to discover the world of computer programming while having a fun with EMoRo robots. Lots of readymade examples and libraries make EMoRo FreeBasic programming easy and self learning possible. All FreeBasic EMoRo functions are well and detailed described in the book "Educational mobile robot" which is a part of EMoRo kits. 
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Learning C programming language with EMoRo is a fun. Learning with EMoRo robots can make C parentheses not so annoying for new users. Comprehensive C library for EMoRo specific functions assume that users don't have any knowledge about electronics and reading schematics. Each EMoRo C function is well documented in the book with included sample of usage. Learning C with EMoRo makes effective since the result of the acquired principle can be immediately observed experimentally.       
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