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EMoRo educational robots





          EMoRo robots are interesting didactic kits encouraging the development of logical thinking and technical spirit. EMoRo robots got the name from the first letters of next words: E-ducational Mo-bile Ro-bots. With the full right we can claim that they are "The Seeds for Engineers". EMoRo robots are unique in the World because all of them support 5 levels of learning. Levels are spread from simple 1st Level - playing similar as with a remote control vehicle to 5th Level- advance programming in C language. Our kits contain everything what is needed for assembling and using EMoRo robots except PC or notebook and 6 AA batteries. EMoRo robots come in kits and there is a need to assemble them. Kits are chosen because of developing technical spirit. Kit contains comprehensive and illustrative book which helps to assemble EMoRo robots. For users the easiest way to assemble EMoRo is to follow the wizard with 3D video instructions from the included DVD. Users from +6  to +9 years can't assemble EMoRo robots by themself. They are assistants to adult person who will do this simple job for them. Depend on user experience and affinity everyone can find the appropriate starting level and start to upgrade current knowledge. Levels from 2 to 5 are supported with many readymade examples. Education with mobile robotics is effective since the result of the acquired or explored principle can be immediately observed experimentally by a pupil or student, and the result of the acquired knowledge can be simply shown to everyone regardless of their knowledge.

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Unique in the World

All our EMoRo kits support five levels of education. The first level is like playing with a remote control car, except the remote controller is substituted with a PC keyboard and mouse. Each next level upgrades knowledge from the previous level. The final level is the most advanced and can be used as university level.    Read more...     

Gain technical spirit

When we have to decide if our EMoRo robots will came in kits or assembled, we chose kits because of developing technical spirit. Assembling EMoRo robots is easy but it can be difficult for users without experience. Because of that we provide detailed instructions in included book and comprehensive wizard with animated instructions for users with no experience.   Read more ...

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E-Bot is our the firs robotics kit. It helped to understand our future customers of EMoRo. The production of E-Bot was ended in 2009. This kit helped to understand needs of our customers and makes EMoRo robots unique in the World. Read more

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24-07-2013 Projects overview

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