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EMoRo educational robots

EMoRo USB Classic

          The kit is designed for users who wish to program the robot with a flowchart or in the Basic programming language. Communication between the PC and the robot is via the USB cable. Advanced users can program the robot in Bascom-AVR or AVR C and they can build their own autonomous robot. Playing oriented users can control USB Classic robot without programming using EMoRo RC application and USB connection between PC and the robot.

          Main controller unit of EMoRo USB Classic is based on the EMoRo USB controller.

Specification of EMoRo USB controller

Power supply

5V USB / 6-9V ext







Number of inputs


Number of relay outputs


Number of servo outputs


Photo sensors


Tactile sensors

4 (12)

IR sensors

8 (12)

Temperature sensors

4 (8)

Proximity sensors


DC motor outputs


Autonomous operation


Programming method

Without / With programmer


Bootloader / mini ISP

JTAG Debug


One-Wire Debug










AVR Studio



          The EMoRo USB controller supports USB communication with the computer which transmits the commands from the flowchart programming in FlowDraw, as well as the com­mands from the FreeBasic to the controller. This controller is ideal for primary and high school pupils because of the simplicity of the programming tools that are designed for this age group.

          The controller supports the use of more advanced programming languages - Basic (Bas­com-AVR), C (AVR Studio) and assembly code, with which the controller becomes com­pletely autonomous and independent of the computer. The additional programmer is not nec­essary for programming the microcontroller module because the program can be written via USB communication.

EMoRo USB Classic set contains:

        • a two-piece anodised aluminium chassis
        • two continuous rotation RC servo motors
        • two drive wheels
        • omniwheel set
        • 6AA battery holder
        • assembly tools
        • two photo sensors
        • two tactile sensors
        • printed book "Educational Mobile Robot"
        • DVD with: 3D video assembly instructions, installations of included programs, libraries, 100+ program examples
        • EMoRo USB controller
        • USB A-B cable
        • breadboard (test board)
        • set of electronic components and jumper wires

This kit contain everything what is needed for assembling and using EMoRo USB Classic except PC or notebook and 6 AA rechargeable batteries.

Download pdf brochure ...


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